Friday, 5 August 2016

My popular works on Canterbury Kent UK

Canterbury is a major city with its beautiful cathedral.
Not far away from where I live, I love going there to enjoy
the old streets and of course the cathedral.

These watercolours are very popular. I have sold quite a few prints of them.
Two original have been sold.
One is and will stay in the family.

"Winter in Canterbury"
Created on paper Saunders Waterford.
I actually done a photo of the place in the Summer
and adapted it for a Winter scenery.

"Christmas in Canterbury"

Another photo done in Summer time and interpreted as a Winter scenery.
I have sold numerous prints and cards of this watercolour executed on 
Paper Saunders Waterford

"The Stour Canterbury"

The Art of Watercolour is to interpret a banal place and turn it into
what our eyes and soul see.
The fusion of colours gives softness and dreamy look.
When we wish for the time to stop.

Executed on Arches paper.


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