Wednesday, 3 August 2016


How would be a life without flowers?
From the humble daisy to the voluptuous rose, they are here to tempt us.
Which artist has not been tantalised by their beauty?

It was not long after my first steps in Art, I wanted to capture roses!
I did not start with the easiest of all!!!
I learnt a few months before being able to incorporate them in my still lives.

"Old roses"
Executed on Saunders Waterford paper

"A touch of Summer" 
This painting was in fact a turning point!
I really battled with the hydrangea but achieved what I wanted to do.

"Red roses Jazz"
I really enjoyed painting this one.
Red roses are not that easy to paint. We need to accentuate the colours for the shading when in fact we still have to make sure we keep the softness.
On Saunders Waterford paper.

"Once upon a Summer"
Oh! I have sold a few prints and cards of this one!!!
I think people feel what I was trying to convey.
The little special time when sunshine is peeping through the blinds in the kitchen and send 
a gorgeous light on the fruits.
I quickly added the flowers from my garden.

"Thank you"
On Saunders Waterford paper
I exhibited this one in Hythe Art Society. It was sold.

I have many more works but cannot post them all here.
You might like to find them on my Watercolour WEBSITE  

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