Monday, 15 August 2016


My passion for watercolour started for my little home town, Hythe in Kent.

There are some corners that are screaming to be painted.

It was not long before I did so. I sold quite a few of them.

"Church Hill" 
Bliss! Traffic has no access!

"Hillside Street"
Full with Hollyhocks on a Summer day.

"Town Hall"
again on a Summer day with an artist
playing concertina... when it was then allowed!

"The High street"
One of my first watercolour of Hythe

"The Mill"
At the back of the Pub The Bell

I have created many watercolours of Hythe. I need to try to find time to paint some more.



Monday, 8 August 2016

DUNGENESS in Watercolour


I am fascinated by the place that I visit quite often!
If you do not know the place, I have written an article for a magazine Cinque Ports

There, I have painted quite a few very popular watercolours


Friday, 5 August 2016

My popular works on Canterbury Kent UK

Canterbury is a major city with its beautiful cathedral.
Not far away from where I live, I love going there to enjoy
the old streets and of course the cathedral.

These watercolours are very popular. I have sold quite a few prints of them.
Two original have been sold.
One is and will stay in the family.

"Winter in Canterbury"
Created on paper Saunders Waterford.
I actually done a photo of the place in the Summer
and adapted it for a Winter scenery.

"Christmas in Canterbury"

Another photo done in Summer time and interpreted as a Winter scenery.
I have sold numerous prints and cards of this watercolour executed on 
Paper Saunders Waterford

"The Stour Canterbury"

The Art of Watercolour is to interpret a banal place and turn it into
what our eyes and soul see.
The fusion of colours gives softness and dreamy look.
When we wish for the time to stop.

Executed on Arches paper.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016


How would be a life without flowers?
From the humble daisy to the voluptuous rose, they are here to tempt us.
Which artist has not been tantalised by their beauty?

It was not long after my first steps in Art, I wanted to capture roses!
I did not start with the easiest of all!!!
I learnt a few months before being able to incorporate them in my still lives.

"Old roses"
Executed on Saunders Waterford paper

"A touch of Summer" 
This painting was in fact a turning point!
I really battled with the hydrangea but achieved what I wanted to do.

"Red roses Jazz"
I really enjoyed painting this one.
Red roses are not that easy to paint. We need to accentuate the colours for the shading when in fact we still have to make sure we keep the softness.
On Saunders Waterford paper.

"Once upon a Summer"
Oh! I have sold a few prints and cards of this one!!!
I think people feel what I was trying to convey.
The little special time when sunshine is peeping through the blinds in the kitchen and send 
a gorgeous light on the fruits.
I quickly added the flowers from my garden.

"Thank you"
On Saunders Waterford paper
I exhibited this one in Hythe Art Society. It was sold.

I have many more works but cannot post them all here.
You might like to find them on my Watercolour WEBSITE  

Tuesday, 2 August 2016


I love interpreting the seasons within our landscapes.
Autumn is my very favourite.

So many warm colours: rusty, warm yellows.
There is also the challenge to convey the atmosphere of a time of year when
Summer has left us but there is so much to enjoy with the harvest time celebrations.

Autumn on the Marsh
Executed on Arches paper
It is a corner right in the Marsh near Hythe.
I think it is the perfect feel of Autumn.

"Autumn on the Canal West Hythe"
My own interpretation of the place.
I wanted to play with the rusty colours, give a feeling of
late autumn beauty, serinity.
Executed on Saunders Waterford paper.


One of my very favourite!
On Arches paper.
Frogholt is a hamlet near Folkestone in Kent, England, on the banks of the Seabrook stream. There are eight houses in Frogholt. The hamlet is part of a conservation area and lies very close to the larger villages of Newington and Peene (Wikipedia)

Photo of the house arriving from the other side of the road.

Now called Old Kent Cottage, was probably built in the 15th century.
It is reputed to be the oldest thatched cottage in Kent.

"Sweet England"
I have found this subject while visiting Charing in Kent.
I loved so much the tender colours of early Spring with the typical
 Kentish wooden boarding walls of the house.
On the left there is still the reminiscence of late Winter with more rusty colours left in the trees.


Monday, 1 August 2016


I am lucky to be able to use some shots taken by my children
while they are on holidays.

Of course I interpret the photos. I do not copy them faithfully.
Watercolour is the most exciting medium for letting the imagination going wild or just follow
the colours merging in extravagant pattern or shades.

So below are the most popular of my Watercolours from France

Fairy tale in Perigord France
Executed on paper Saunders Waterford.

Grimaud village - Provence - France
How much I would love to be able
to return to this beautiful place!
Executed on Paper Saunders Waterford.

Uzes - Provence.
Another corner I have explored a couple of
times in my life. Once with my parents, the next time
with my husband and children.
Executed on paper Saunders Waterford.


Watercolour seascapes

Two of my most popular Seascapes in Watercolour.

At rest on the Thames was executed on Arches Paper with Winsor Newton paint

Winter on St Andrews

Was executed on Daler Romney Illustration Board

Welcome to my Watercolour Blog

On and Off, I have tried to post my Watercolours on blogs.
Followers have asked so many questions I have had to reply by emails.
I think it might be easier to share and reply to any comments here.

I have decided to try to help while in the same time, posting my most popular works 
and adding new Watercolours with explanation.